All You Need for a Perfect Lawn

At Beyond The Cut Lawn Care, we offer a full array of professional lawn care services to help with your lawn care needs – spring, summer, and fall. See below for a list.


•  Pull small plugs out of the soil which will decompose and refill the “holes” left by the process
•  Loosens the compacted soil allowing your lawn to breath
• Promotes easier access for water and nutrients to get beneath the turf
• Builds healthier, stronger roots


• The best time to overseed/reseed your lawn is after aeration
• Overseed all or just bare patches in your lawn
• Best done in early autumn


• Power raking is the process of removing the buildup of thatch which chokes the roots and prevents your Lawn from being healthy

Lawn Mowing

• Weekly cuts
• Trim around garden beds, fences, and other obstacles
• Clean up grass clippings after each mow


• Remove overgrowth of turf from your sidewalks, patio, and driveway leaving a clean edge.
• Perform at regular intervals to prevent future buildup

Spring/Fall Cleanup

• Clean out debris, twigs, leaves, etc. from flower beds
• Deadhead “overwintered” perennials to promote new spring growth
• Leaf collection and removal
• Remove debris and dead growth from flower beds


• Apply fresh mulch to liven up your landscaping providing a barrier to help prevent weeds


• Clip unwanted or dead twigs and branches from shrubs
• Done at optimal time of the season for each shrub type

Weed control/fertilizing

• Application will be tailored to your lawn’s needs

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