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Heidi & Doug JohnsenFamily Owned

Beyond The Cut Lawn Care was founded by Doug and Heidi Johnsen. We are a family owned and operated lawn care business serving Algoma and surrounding communities. We began in our neighborhood, helping neighbors who didn’t have the means to maintain their lawns. Realizing the need was not isolated to just our neighborhood, we decided to bring our services to the community. Through experience and extensive research, we gained the ability and confidence to offer full lawn care services including but not limited to mowing, aerating, overseeding, edging, mulching, flower bed care, trimming, and more.

Let Us Do The Work For You

We are committed to taking on the demands of your lawn and yard care needs, spring through fall, so you have the time and energy to enjoy your cozy outdoor living space, or whatever else your summertime adventures lead you to do.

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